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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  January 27, 2015 2:40am-4:01am EST

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heighyou wlet this ban of e heaer ow movg in. i looks diert at the sore then it does inld rig now. tatnow is faing at the rtof about 2 ch per hur. tais a prty blindinband o sno th ll be movg i. the estion i h quick wll it mo innd. eentuay the bd of snow wlstart to moisten t a amphere and weill see sow philehia but then hvg lited time wi how mcsnow we will get. wnr w's alerts stilshow yurressi of the snow acumation. thed risy thinks t mcan event. wnr ormain we will seeome sno biard warn oce cun are up in n york citand new eland that i whe y will a's see bu's ee othis sn. rg now teetureare clenou for sw. pilehia is 29 dre. altown 25. mllvil 30. teon 26. wlngn . pcos degre. wind ill crent across te bod arin the teens. i is aaw cold nht a
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sorm traer six ve double sats sws wh i was tlnwitjim. te he's the low prsure ofhe vgia coast. yuan see band of real heavy sow acrs long isnd a ars new enand but you see hw ty evapora when they gt here. tat ough accs he with te sn swers acss cntr pennsylvan, at rsi r that is why air snki phidelphia tse aetaing to colpsas to band of sn of take. s that will alw some of the sow reach fuh innd bthis is just a coaal eent. caal front warngin eft fm 11:00 to 70tomorr moing. min proble high td from mdnit t2:00 inhe mrng. mderate tidal flding epted and windill be wiing. future traer shong:00 in teorni we he heavy sn a the she, moving tord phidelpa, rllyn t gtti too fato the west in pidehia, and it conties arod 9:00 a then eerying sts f qukly in the afteoon.
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aa expect snow fl rely ctngown numbers one to treeclos to 1 inch acrs wsrn surbs, the si clor to three in piladeh trentos to tn. w llet more than n up aross ocn coun and aas t e nth. excluve accu weaer v dy forecast morng sn wnd ich clo brking for sni inhe aftnoo 3 grees for e high. wdsd bri and cd. sni. 2 deee o ursd cld roll in 3 ge w ll see ow swers tursdayight thrgh friday mrning. 3 ge and tn a tr cold weend stuay 26 dee suay it coud up 29egrees and monday psbily osome mo snow i the mni and tmratures te en a lte bit moreose dive wit theigh of only 22 drees. o cour dav murphyill b in at 4: watching eeryi ontorm tracr six li. nt caing off sto cmpty,ga ean county cu t hef aunt of snow
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bt lande are missing out o the acon. > cely, ank you. >>ocaflow details on sx abc to the co y can se lest track with our li sto tcker s radar and oream of metrogist pt uded forest and snow tta maps we have heful ps on how yuan dre safe in the sow and h to ovewhout ptti yr alth at ris ad ye the guysill be on te air staing a ha an hur early at 4: a.m. the very lest infmation fom accu weaer ps cndions on t road and any addional schl clis, te the ction news" morng tamillry to he you sa e t
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>> vid sws a ment a plotas fced to t his plane over pacif ocean. h depli a parau and thewe dowwithhe arcrt. sne enge ran out of fuel 20iles from haila ng, t cotguard had rcvedhe pne's dtrs cll and instru the pilot to g town nr a cruise ship, wictk him on gam >>or the theirst time the groun ofhe whi hoe havbeen penetrat by a do. i ppened ornight a 2feet in diamet dro flew oer south la fence and crasdo earth. te sret serce converg o e dece today athoties issued a picte of e one. i tusut tt man call te sect servi toda to syhat thdre was his. lst contl the rcreatnal dece a he is copeting. sahities have artea russn citizs a accing m of beg a spy.
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ofialsay that t man w drt by ruian authities t gather economic itelligee abt potenal us.ation as begins rsan banks. to oers were also char bt eare low lel dpmatewi immu a theha rurn to rusa a. atrities saye was tryg t recrt pple wi lis, t an unned univeity in nw yk. mnhaan clinic that treat joan rive hads been slaed with thmpcticsuit by lid comean daughte mlissa rivers is ing dctorsor perfming an uahozed medical proceres, anaederal ofia ve cited the ciniforailing to intify rvs detiorating vital sg. a dangeus fire fit was cptud on cara er the te weend in phoen. yu c see embshooting frothe topf the home as freighters scrameto get ot of e way. oeal off t roof to t
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gound. frnate tt fire fht sffed only minor injues. asond fi fighr on the roow burned on his back bte ould be okay the the resents esced unharm. >>ne personas kied tnight, wh a gunm fired i a car in north phidelia plice spded to th20 block nortfifth stree jst aer 60 when a 31 yearldriver was shot in the ba. a passger washotn the ces diver mageto trel to tme unersity spital we passeer ather man i his 30 was pronoued da >> pole ed urelp to fnthe rber who used an asault f to hold up a nr philadph market. tiis videor thsday ng inse t storon th 200 blkf clear field. te suspt point an a5 at tehe clerk. he ananotr man tookff at te fiv huned dolrs, cll phidelphia pi wh tip >> dby boro pice afr rstepants of t inft
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grwho was attked by famy'sefurt. i was last trsd when tree feets escaped from te ce anatck thene mnthld girsky isab. 2 rcent of t baby's face ws sevely injed by the ails chaed wh enngering t wlre of thchilwas r mthe jeica, and berni jam framethe fath bail has been set at huned
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>> t hit har nl h come do sack rndoflyers forrd susnd ed eig gas. pnhme ems thereh ht agnst ptsrgh ris l tan teyermined it w carggnd boardi. tey called him a reat o fnr. ad reldo will forfei $300 p. > tt wl change your week to e sixers
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it is aive game losing streak iricly teir lt vicry came aast t pelican perhaps a owe men phaps no anthony davisid not pl in tat mti ten gam a. des play tonh how do we sp that. plans ad by 12n the fr ha a second qaer, le, a at t other ed and the sixe are wth e. bt ck to das. he is a big man but he can r te floor. h sces 32 poin off of tn reboundfour bcked sotandoes not py the ifmation qrter. sxs lose i u s your kid daing like ts, ye >> pebowl ek is unrw b sd weill be all ta otbut it is only mond s we ve to vit tuesy. > is moa lt chat. dy aer seawks arved in aiza priots toued dw i you expe ll liick ad t aitoy talk abo dfted ftbal don hd
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yur breh. >> i have snt as you kno qi a bit of tim and i hve hadwo lenhyrs conrencesbt that. > ie those thin behi ad iaed to move foard. thais whathe the team epects me. i thi we havdlt wh a lotf adrsity. adweill ep fhtg, adi sd hofly and. andhat is most sisfied thing at e even of the week. > nothe going to tkit ayme. tomoow isup bowl mea dy >> at do you thk ty will b ask. > yes. > more. > mmy mmel li comg urig aer o extend "acon news" brdct, tnig, and wherere we, over here. hre jim whh a prevw of tonht's show. > thanks, ji heo pidehia, hers se of te magitt is waing for yuft the news. yur childodmary best fiend boy is he.
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cme on out.
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>> oneah chk tonig dcrs s shoveng c be mrstrenus tohe het, tebeing on a tremill so hrareo this, to keep i md if you have to have ce t dreway and the sdewa. dn'thovefir ing in te morng whe more art atac ocr. havy liing a cold moing air are a daers mix. as don eat a hea ml bfen o dri coffee or smok to spike your ood peure, and heart rate. t reduce your risk of injury wrm up bore you start sholi by waing around o rching in pla for sval mite god newshey will be le lssnotsheln much of or area th first ad. >> actly. sow vers are real dspoint bu peoeot looki forward to l of soare really hap tthe
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so shifted becae we are nt gog to be gting much soinhe bulk of our regn. sorm trker six live doue sanhing you thate have te bd sn siing off sore, but it is really having tole innd a that is bethe case th the stm sstem d we ha got sinng ar over phidelpa, so the ha sn is rely tryi to wrto the st but we c se it the aporatg but thaband of manta that is jst ofbellwr and see se hightsu cy that is sw flng off the rate of 2ihes per hou i don want eryonto think i one wi see a aculatinsw becse we wilseeood amou of snow a the shore but inlande are hvina tghimeith the te sn. w have dramatay cut our ept snow fall amoun i tinke ha a low evenf te range so wee surbs, we e loing at close to an incof sno phadelia a i ti ll rig aund 3ihes. w ve banrom tnt t alticity prob aut 6incs,o gein the dole dgitsou rely he to go
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twd lahur, ocean county ad ars to the north wi uwd about to 1 inches. rallbrunof thsrm is mssg uso the north ea. tiis wh wee missi te pottial for blzd cntions,p a acss new egnd i wldn't rprised if areas wesof boon see up to 2feet of sn, in addion tawe are lkg at very hgh wd, very light flfy sow d it will caelowg ad drifng so pp o aenow lors i pilalphia a feel likee ae rely missg it on but tis wi cause proble for nw enand. bts far as use have dodd a buetith the so. > anks cecily. >>immy kiml li nt on caelixollod by ght ln jm's gst ange tat jj wt, sic from zz top "acon news zz. "ction ne" connu early a 4:00.m. with tama ewd, ma o'doell, david mry d kan rodgers with taffi forecy tynan dus
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rdrs d e ente ction nw team i'jim gardner, god nigh
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the governor of new york said it is a misdemeanor. i was wondering if we committed a misdemeanor being on the streets. if you are caught in your vehicles $300 fine. >> most people listening. we did see a lot of cars out there. a few folks walking around getting where they need to be to wrap up their evenings maybe but no vehicles out at this point. people heeding the warning. >> the monster snowstorm hitting six states. >> new york under a travel ban, no cars allowed on the road. bus, subway with commuter train service suspended. >> abc's marci gonzalez has the latest. mahrecy, good morning. >> i love to hear how you are rubbing it in how nice and toasty it is in the studio while i'm out here in the snow.
3:02 am
it picked up within the past howe few hours. where we are at least, only a few inches of snow accumulated but that is quickly changing. the worst of the storm now moving in and much of the northeast could be buried beneath a few feet of snow. >> this will most likely be one of the largest blizzards in the history of new york city. >> that prediction prompting an unprecedented level of response. roads, bridges and tunnels in new york city shut down for everything but emergency vehicles. subways and a lot of commuter trains aren't running either. >> when they say go home early you are better off going home early because you are not getting home, especially when it is like this. >> reporter: 4500 flights cancelled tomorrow the ripple effect felt nationwide. not just the snow causing problems. wind gusts could be up to 75 miles an hour in some areas leading to whiteout conditions and potential for widespread power outages. >> this is going to be a
3:03 am
significant storm. >> should not be taken lightly. >> reporter: students and thousands of workers in the northeast getting a snow day, potentially unlike any they have seen before. the worst of the blizzard is expected to continue over the next few hours, though the snow isn't expected to stop until later this afternoon. t.j. and reena. >> do we know anything about the strict travel ban here in new york? have you seen any police enforcing that? >> i'll tell you what, that went in to effect at 11:00. and we saw a few cars driving around here and taking the risk. they could face a fine up to $300 if they are caught. so far, police have not busted anyone in front of us but definitely time to take precaution and i'm wondering how you guys got in to work tonight with all of the travel bans. >> it was a secret. secret operation. >> we got quiet. we didn't do anything wrong, mahrecy
3:04 am
marci before it shut down. >> come on back. this is hot coffee on the third floor. >> all right. i'm on my way. >> marci gonzalez live in the storm in new york. thank you so much. the blizzard warning covers hundreds of miles and as she mentioned we are in the middle of it now. >> let's get the latest from meteorologist justin povick. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning, reena and t.j. the latest is the storm system continues to follow its path. it is really not changing up a lot. heavy snows continue to edge their way westbound in to new york city right now where it is snowing one to two and even three inches per hour. five six hours do the math. we are looking at a substantial snowstorm. yes, an all-out blizzard as the %-pwindscontinuetoincreaseup5 corridor from new york city hartford boston whiteout conditions. travel disruptions extensive raffle delays airport closure and cancellations. temperatures feel below zero.
3:05 am
bundle up if you have to be out and about but i would not advise that. look at the wind gusts here 38 miles an hour currently at boston. the winds are howling. the snow coming down at a heavy clip and it will continue in to tuesday and tuesday night. t.j. and reena, looks like the storm system is just now getting underway. >> just now getting underway. it doesn't look like it outside for a lot of folks. justin povick thank you. we will check back with you throughout the morning and all of the snow on the ground of course keeping thousands of flights from getting in to the air. storm grounded more than 8,000 flights so far, paralyzing the northeast five main airports. abc's david kerrly with the latest. >> reporter: it is a snowy struggle de-icing jetliners but airlines are throwing in the towel as the storm intensifies. major airlines serving the northeast are grounding their jets and expect to be idle. unhappy faces in lines. >> i'm exhausted and annoyed and just want to go home. >> reporter: boston's logan
3:06 am
airport will use the beast of the machine which boasts 450 mile an hour blower and plow blade but it won't be nuchl logan has no scheduled flights, five major airports will in essence be shut down much of the next 24 hours and these cancellations ripple through the entire airline system. touching dallas chicago, denver and indianapolis. delaying the kaufman family florida vacation. >> got here and learned the flight to baltimore was cancelled. we have a connecting flight but can't get there. >> reporter: all the way in the west coast stuck in l.a. >> all the flights are cancelled and we are not going home for another two days. >> reporter: not just the snow these are blizzard winds making landing difficult. tuesday will be a quiet day at these gates and others in the northeast. david kerley abc news, washington reagan airport. >> stay with us as we cover this historic blizzard. later this hour. find out what it will take to get the airlines up and running normally once again.
3:07 am
a tragic accident for nato forces training in spain. ten people were killed when an f-16 fighter jet crashed on takeoff and slammed in to over planes on the ground. eight of the dead were french and two from dprees. 21 were injured some suffering severe burns and a number of military jets and helicopters were damaged. we're now hearing from the pilot who ditched his plane in dramatic fashion after running out of fuel over the pacific ocean. we showed you this incredible video captured by the coast guard. the single engine plane nose diving 250 feet from hawaii. he pilot deploying his parachute system just in time and softening the water landing and great to feel everyone who came to his rescue. >> coordination with coast guard and holland america has been more than impressive. >> reporter: the pilot was able to climb in to his life raft after hitting the water the coast guard arranged for him to be rescued by a nearby cruise ship. the fbi busted what agents
3:08 am
say is a russian spy ring. a russian banker who worked in new york is under arrest. the indictment claims they were gathering sensitive economic intelligence. potential sanctions against russian banks and efforts to develop alternative energy resources. other two suspects worked for the russian governments have diplomatic immunity and no longer in the u.s. also here in new york melissa rivers filed a malpractice suit in the death of her mother. joan rivers died last september after routine endoscopy. melissa rivers is suing the manhattan clinic where it happened as well as the doctors who treated her mother. federal inspectors cited her mother for failing to detect her failing vital signs and not providing timely intervention. we are hearing from lance armstrong for the first time in a while since the doping scandal. he said the last two years have been brutal since he admitted to cheating reigning over the cycling world. he said he knew it was a bad
3:09 am
decision and if he was still racing he wouldn't do it again but also making a brutally frank admission. >> if you take me back to 1995 when it was completely and totally pervasive, probably do it again. people don't like to hear that. >> yeah he said he would probably do it again. some honestly main from armstrong. he was stripped from his seven tour de france tight tls a enhe said if he could do it over again he would want to change the way he treated over people. today is media someday at the super bowl which marines plenty of reporters will be asking questions about the deflated footballs. the team arrived in arizona a yesterday. a report that the nfl has zeroed in on a patriots locker room attendant as a person of interest in the investigation. before leaving boston quarterback tom brady fired back at critics who say he's a
3:10 am
cheater. >> my feeling got hurt and then i moved past it. and it is not serving me. what's serving me is try to prepare for the game ahead. >> reporter: patriots owner robert kraft made an unexpected appearance at his team's news conference in arizona saying the nfl owes the patriots an apology if the investigation finds no wrongdoing. >> turn to the snow in the northeast. it sparked a creative flame inside of one school principal in rhode island. >> matt the head of the moses brown school in providence thought that robo calls, text and tv and radio announcements about the school being closed wasn't enough. so he did this. ♪ school is closed school is closed ♪ because the snow's too deep ♪ school is closed school is closed ♪ ♪ you can stay and bed and sleep. ♪ >> 17,000 hits more than 17,000 actually since it was posted yesterday. the production value, however,
3:11 am
slightly suspicion can considering a storm is hitting now. >> i heard about this in the morning meeting and then saw it. this is fantastic. i love this. i love it. the mix coming your way in a second. looking for companionship during the northeast blizzard. blaming a beauty pageant loss on bad hair did short hair cause a contestant the crown. you are watching "world news now." "world news now" weather brought to you by woolite darks. everyone loves the way dark clothes make them feel... and no one wants that feeling to fade. that's why there's woolite darks. without harsh ingredients, it keeps darks vibrant for over 30 washes. so your love for dark clothes doesn't have to fade. for the love of darks. woolite darks. [ male announcer ] meet mary. she
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♪ keep an eye on vehicles out there. >> uh-huh. a live look at times square. >> is that truck supposed to be there? >> i don't know. >> we have a ban in place in new york. not supposed to be out after 11:00 because of the weather. the northeast slammed by the storm them rest of the country
3:15 am
affected as well. air travel inform particular coming to a halt. >> airlines -- that's right. airlines cancelled 7500 flights through wednesday causing major confusion among travelers. on the phone with us to help us sort the travel details is travel expert and blogger brett schneider. brett, welcome. >> reporter: thank you. >> how long will it take? i always wond wither if you have a ticket couple days down the road how people going to be affected how long will the cancellations affect airline traveling. >> we are not sure. we have to see how much snow comes down and how long it takes to clear it out. everyone thinks of the airplanes that need to come in and out and just the people that need to get to the airport to work those flights. it is a matter of getting the airports clear and roads clear and public transit going. so we'll see. >> do you give the airlines credit at this point. are they doing the best they can or do you see areas they can improve when the storms hit? >> for the most part they are
3:16 am
doing the right thing, cancel in advance, get the airplanes where they need to be so they can recover quickly as soon as things get better. sometimes they get too conservative. you see some things for example, in philadelphia where u.s. airways, part of american cancelled pretty much the entire day i guess today. you know the impact in philadelphia may not be as great as it is in new york or boston. but probably better to be safe than sorry. >> i'm a positive person. i always like to see the silver lining. what do they say the chinese character for crisis is actually opportunity. is there a chance that there's some silver lining in all of this for people who are stranded? can you get something out of this? is there any bonus miles or anything that can be reached? >> probably not. usually when it is a weather issue, the airlines will say they will do their best to get you where you need to go as soon as you can. i think the best thing people can do is maybe make some friends, catch up on movies do
3:17 am
something to help pass the time. >> so there's no chance of them offering you $75 credit toward your next flight. >> reena, stop. >> i'm just wondering. >> stop reena. >> could there be something positive? >> it is unlikely. you can always try to ask the airlines for it but it is unlikely in a situation like this which is really out of their hands. >> i just guess everyone wants to get home. >> right. >> brett, it has been unbelievely pleasant talking to 0 you. when they said cranky flyer was on the phone i thought it was going to be an angry guy. >> maybe because i live in california. >> oh now we get it. thank you for spending time with us. >> thank you for having me on. >> good to talk to him. coming up beauty bombshell. the hair style risk that didn't pay off for one miss universe contestant. what's the bieg deal about having short hair. >> and the perfect food for
3:18 am
winter weather. the soup diet and surprising health benefits. could this be all you need to survive the storm or any weather for that matter? you are watching "world news now.
3:19 am
live look outside the studios. you can see the snow coming down. don't know how intense this could be. >> we're told we're in the thick of it. we'll see in the next couple of hours. >> can't get more personal than a woman's hair, right? >> okay. >> don't comment on my hair okay. the color the style. i says a lot about who we are. >> for women competing in pageants going against status quo could be ris we are up all nightline with a woman who has
3:20 am
fantastic hair juju chang. >> jamaica. >> poised beauty. >> beautiful. >> and most of all confidence. as miss jamaica kaci fennell seems to have everything it takes to win miss universe except perhaps one thing. >> as you can see, i don't have long bristles like everyone else. >> reporter: some say her hair cut may have cost her the crown. her die-hard fans voiced disappointment when this happened. >> the fourth runner up is -- jamaica! >> reporter: ultimately losing out to the long-haired miss colombia colleen that vega. trending in the twitter sphere the hashtag miss jamaica should have won. and the world isn't ready for a rebellious beauty contestant and the only one that didn't look like an international barbie clone. halle berry first rocked the
3:21 am
look and a short cut can come with controversy. >> oh my god. you cut off your hair. >> reporter: when keri russell locked off her locks during the second season of felicity her new do was blamed for the drop in ratings and while anne hathaway may have won for her performance in less miserables plenty of fans gave her hair style two thumbs down. as sandra bullock pointed out in miss congeniality pa sents can have a cookie cutter look. but this proves beauty comes in many styles. even if the crown sits for now on a long-haired beauty. juju chang, abc news, new york. >> her grandfather was very upset and was very vocal and said some underwritten factors that the judges didn't tell them you need to have long hair and criticized for saying there was an unwritten rule. >> short hair is fantastic. >> people with longer hair are
3:22 am
always envious of women with shorter hair that can pull it off. >> you can pull that off. >> we know our limits. we were nervous to try it. there is an amazing sensation for her amazing this one feels fantastic for me... and combined ah it's a completely new sensation for us both it's opened up a whole new door for us i've come to clean your pool but we dont have a pool i'll come in anyway next week i'm going to be a maid ky yours and mine now discover our exclusive line at
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24 hours. zero heartburn. okay. time for "the mix." this kind of weather makes people want to snuggle up to somebody warm and cuddly. >> snuggle up okay. >> don't you think, cold weather. >> you sanitized that very well. please continue. >> some people don't have someone in their lives. so they are taking to craigslist to find a blizzard boyfriend or girlfriend. look at some of these ads. singhing blizzard buddy, hoboken, cooking, drinking movies and cuddles, another sneaking cuddle buddy for pancakes coffee and hot chocolate all day long. >> coupe couth sleepover friend wanted downtown brooklyn requires significant cuddling. >> this is what we call it now, sleepover friends. >> blizzard boyfriends and
3:26 am
girlfriends and also nsfw. >> what is that. >> not safe for work. i wouldn't look up the ads. >> oh so these are code words, cuddle and pancakes. that's what the kids call it now, huh pancakes? let me turn to a sweeter story. this kid, how old is he? i'm not sure but this little hockey player. his name is alex. you can see him. the kids get to an age and teeth start to fall out and he came up with an idea to tie a string to it and the other end to a hockey puck. >> don't say we are going to show it on television. >> he did this and apparently the tooth came out. there he is. the tooth comes out. >> brave boy. >> we do not recommend this folks. we do not recommend this. >> that is frightening and he's brave. >> brave little boy. viewers at this hour have trouble sleeping. i don't want to tell them the
3:27 am
next story but a way to get yourself to sleep in a matter of seconds they are claiming. an amazing trick by dr. andrew weil. here's how it goes. you breathe through your left nostril, through your mouth -- your left nostril. this is supposed to calm you down. breathing through your left nostril is the key to relaxation and falling asleep they are saying. >> left nostril. >> and blocking off your right nostril slows your breathing to four breaths a second and it puts you to sleep. looks like i'm picking my nose. i'm going to put my finger down and take a few abdominal breaths in the beginning and pretend you are walking downhill. and guided meditation that can help. >> i will take your word for it. i will try anything. if that doesn't get you to sleep try one of these. a double down dog from kfc. it is a hot dog and the bun is fried chicken.
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>> graphics don't do that. good morning from new york city. the city that we're told never sleeps but it is sure quiet. we are standing in the middle of the street in new york city and it is pretty empty. >> three governors in connecticut, new york and new jersey have issued a travel ban. it is technically illegal to be on the streets right now. we can feel the wind whipping through right now. >> we are in the brunt of what could be a historic blizzard on this tuesday, january 27th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> i'm sorry. good morning, everyone. i'm reena ninan. this is t.j. holmes. we were talking about our worse moment on television ever. are we on? are we on? that was hard i have to say.
3:31 am
>> only idiots on the street by the way. >> there was a police car circling around. because they are taking this ban seriously. >> you are not supposed to be out there. as you see there are no cars on the road. the ban has been in place a few hours now. at 11:00 p.m. a lot of places have the bans. people are heeding the warning. it costs 300 bucks if you are caught out there driving around. you can see them trying to get the snow off the road. a live picture outside of our studio, just down the street here. it is kind of nasty. this is the middle of this massive snowstorm right now. so far it is paralyzed the northeast. >> six states in the northeast under a state of emergency. 35 million people all the way from philadelphia to maine hunkering down and bracing for snowfalls up to three feet in some areas. the new york area expecting eight to 16 inches. philadelphia expecting up to 14 but boston expecting so much more. more than two feet. schools are closed for today and likely tomorrow. >> the travel bans in place.
3:32 am
at least four states, private cars and vehicles are banned from the streets of new york city and across the entire state of new jersey, connecticut and massachusetts. in new york, listen to this, commuter trains in and out of the city suspended, subways, buses, ferries shut down. >> no one is coming in or leaving the northeast by air either. since yesterday a total of 7600 flights have been cancelled with the northeast five main airports in new york boston and philly essentially shut down which is of course creating a domino affect for other parts of the country including dallas, chicago, denver, los angeles and international arrivals and departures. >> boston expected to take the brunt of the storm. >> massachusetts governor charlie baker told residents yesterday, "when you wake up in the morning, it will look like a blizzard." look at these pictures. you can see you won't have to wait until morning. it is happening now. incredible snowplows pretty much all over three states in our area, new jersey, connecticut and new york. take a look.
3:33 am
abc's josh haskell is in boston with the latest. josh? >> reporter: good morning reena and t.j. from a windy, frigid boston where snow is flying in all directions. i actually had to walk backwards to our position here near the boston harbor because the snow was blown in my face and very painful. at the moment we have about three inches on the ground. as the hours continue in to tuesday, we'll see up to three or four inches of snow an hour. and when it is said and done on wednesday, we are looking at possibly two feet here in boston. now the blizzard has brought many parts of new england to a standstill. airports are shut down, including logan airport. a travel ban in effect. schools will be closed on tuesday. public transportation is shut down and national grid said that probably one-third of the 1.2 million customers could lose power. coastal flooding is a concern in places like scituate, massachusetts.
3:34 am
boston has 35,000 tons of road salt and crews have spent the day on monday treating those highways. now, the roads here in boston are pretty much cleared at the moment. definitely helps with the fact there's no cars on the road. so that makes the whole process faster. but when you are expecting so much snow over a period of just 36 hours, the city of boston is pretty much shut down. reena and t.j.? >> okay. abc's josh haskell in boston. >> thank you so much. the northeast is facing difficult hours ahead. >> meteorologist justin povick has the latest from accu-weather. what a morning. how's it going? >> good morning, reena and t.j. well a very active that's definitely how it's going throughout the northeast and in to new england. we have been watching the radar closely over the past half hour. what i have noticed is the heavier snows edged from new york city toward trenton and philadelphia even though on the lighter, lower end of the snow
3:35 am
totals still looking at hazardous travel conditions through the overnight and could see several additional inches of snow over the course of the next three to six hours. heavier snow is lifting north throughout long island heading in to boston. narragansett, new jersey, providence and to the cape where the winds have been howling, creating real feel temperatures below zero. sauz tuesday's temperature s look at the wind gusts in boston 38 miles an hour. that's why we call ate blizzard. heavy snow and gusty winds. before it is said and done, yes, we will have paralyzing effects with two to three feet of snow. let's say west of boston toward hartford and worcester. yes, this will be a snowstorm for the record books for some regions. >> justin, we are checking in with you again. thank you so much. our coverage of the blizzard does not end here. the latest from long island which is getting hit hard. we will check in with them later this half hour.
3:36 am
another major story we are following, an episode out of the cold war. the fbi cracked an alleged russian spy ring and one man is under arrest. two other men who were his alleged handlers have diplomatic immunity and are no longer here. brian ross has the story. >> reporter: it was a fitting day for the latest chapter of the cold war to unfold. a russian banker working in this new york city office building arrested in the middle of a snowstorm as a spy. in a federal indictment, prosecutors said the fbi was on to evgeny buryakov for two years as he worked for today's version of the kgb, spying on american businessmen, using code words like tickets, umbrella and hat to schedule meetings with his two handlers who were charge also charged. >> the fbi is very good at this. i would not want to run up against the fbi in an operation like this. >> reporter: the stuff of fiction. like the tv show "the americans" about a soviet spy couple living in a u.s. suburb but it really happened.
3:37 am
it was just five years ago the u.s. busted a real life russian sleeper spy ring that included american couples whose children did not know their parent s were spies. and a 28-year-old red head named anna chapman, who prosecutors said used her charms to infiltrate prominent business and government circles in new york. in the end, the russians were swapped for american spies in a dramatic exchange at the airport in vienna. prosecutors said the new russian spy ring was attempting to recruit its own anna chapmans by seducing young american women willing to spy for russia. brian ross, abc news, new york. the sixth final victim of after fire has been found. the last remains located a week after the 16,000 square foot home was engulfed in flames with tech executive don pyle, his wife and grandchildren inside. the investigators are trying to determine the cause of the fire. they say the $9 million mansion
3:38 am
had no sprinkler system. devastating end to the search for a missing couple using craigslist to find a vintage car. two bodies believed to be bud and june runion were found in a rural area 200 miles from their home. they haven't been officially identified yet. the cause of death is yet to be determined. police have made one arrest an believe the man they arrested may have lured the couple to rob them. a small airport in colorado. a chopper came down along the runway where it broke in to pieces. witnesses heard an explosion. it is not clear whether it was the crash itself or if something happened before it. an faa spokesman said the helicopter was on a training flight. the victims have not been identified. there are new warnings for people who may have been exposed to measles in the latest outbreak out west. signs are posted at costco in gilroy, california. a shopper who was there a week ago has come down with the disease. the number of people sickened in the outbreak that started in southern california has grown to 87.
3:39 am
most of them were not vaccinated. kobe bryant can't get a break these days, can he? he is getting ready for shoulder surgery. expected to have this tomorrow and now the 36-year-old is going to end up missing this season as well. he suffered a torn rotator cuff in a game last weekend. the surgery will try to repair that. all in all it will be the third straight season that he probably will not finish the season. he is getting up there in years, in age and still chasing another championship or two but he's having a tough go with injuries in that 36-year-old body. turn to the new england patriots right now. they can expect plenty of questions about the deflated footballs at the super bowl media day. the team arrived in arizona yesterday. a report surfaced that the nfl zeroed in on a patriots locker room attendant as a person of interest in its deflate-gate investigation. the patriots owner robert kraft said the league owes his team an apology if the investigation turns up no wrongdoing.
3:40 am
there might be a reason to be jealous of the patriots this morning, they are in arizona, temperatures in the low 70s. back here it is a blizzard and things are a little craze. >> little crazy, case and point. the boston yeti, 2015, all kinds of attention. sighted wand withering the streets of somerville, massachusetts. some speculate it could be responsible for deflate-gate and others say keeping track of the yeti will be the highlight of today's day. >> people are inside and looking for things to do. coming up, other pictures to show you. john legend and his wife chrissy teigen, pictures we had to get screened and make sure it was all right to show some of them. they are that steamy. we will give them to you in "the skinny.." >> you officially had a lot of our viewers agree to stay and watch this. how about a bowl of soup on this stormy winter morning and how about a special soup. it is part of a weight loss trend. we are serving it up on "world news now."
3:41 am
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this is a live look at the gw bridge completely shut down. a very rare sight. it takes you from new jersey to new york and back around. not a single vehicle on that bridge. very unusual sight. >> people are listening. everybody's supposed to be off the road by 11:00 tonight in new york and surrounding areas and they have done so. >> governor said it is a misdemeanor, $300 fine. >> nobody wants to pay that. might as well stay home. >> back to our top story. the blizzard hitting the northeast, slamming long island new york with gusty winds and drifting snow. >> coverage begins with tom thomas. we spoke to him a short time ago. >> long island is pounded by the blizzard right now. especially the east end. along the long island expressway, which shut down at 11:00, it is a dark, deserted drive. the only vehicles you see, if you see any at all, are plow vehicles or emergency management vehicle. we were lucky enough to ride along with suffollk county police department.
3:45 am
at one point we were able to walk across one of the busiest highways in all of america. it just completely deserted. there were no cars out there. at some point, the snow was falling so hard, visibility, i would say is 50 to 100 feet. that's how thick the snow is. it is falling in every which way. you look up at a light and see the snow coming sideways and down and it is endless. it is a complete whiteout right now in this part of long island. the wind is whipping so hard. we had done the forecast that there would be hurricane force gusts and we felt some of those tonight. the wind at some points could possibly knock you over if you weren't standing too sturdy. we are not seeing people driving around late at night. which is a very good sign. it means people did listen to
3:46 am
the warnings. cavalier attitudes out here and people will hopefully stay indoors until it stops snowing which is tomorrow and by that time we could see possibly three feet on long island. reporting from long island, tom thomas, abc news, new york. >> thank you so much, tom. we knew the coming hours, we couldn't tell what direction or magnitude the storm would be taking. we are hearing from the national weather service they are cancelling the winter storm warning for the philadelphia area. a system that drifted 90 miles east of the forecasted area. so it is suddenly decreased the snow. >> don't start to relax yet, folks. >> i will keep my snow boots on. >> yes. coming up, the outrageous comments from lance armstrong that may or may not surprise you. also sam smith's song nominated for three grammys sounded like a hit from 25 years ago. you decide. that's in "the skinny."
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ well with, it's been a while since lance armstrong was back in the news. if you were looking for a feel good, turning things around type story, well, this isn't it. >> kind of, right? well, maybe not. he managed to turn things around a bit, though. he's at least being honest. give him that. 43-year-old cyclist who was
3:49 am
stripped of his seven tour de france titles for using performance-enhancing drugs, said he would do it again. he explains if he was racing today in 2015 he would not do it again but he said quote take me back to 1995 when i was pervasive i would probably do it again, end quote. >> you may remember armstrong finally came clean about doping to oprah winfrey in 2013 and said he wishes he could change the man who did those things. >> a little honest there. that's something. british singer sam smith settled with rocker tom petty over similar-sounding songs. >> the 22-year-old smith will be sharing royalties for his hit "stay with me" due to a likeness of a major melody in petty's hit "won't back could be." >> smith's rep added there are similarities but added it is a complete coincidence. see for yourself. ♪ oh what won't you stay with me ♪ cause you're all i need ♪
3:50 am
♪ well i won't back down no i won't back down ♪ >> when you kind of put it like this, possibly, maybe? >> it is a coincidence, so why settle then? even though smith's song is nom nated for a few grammys the awards folks said that petty isn't eligible to win for "stay with me." petty has at least three of them and he will get royalties coming his way. >> ca-ching, ca-ching. one of disney's favorite princesses will be played by emma watson. harry potter actress confirmed she signed on to play belle from disney's "beauty and the beast". >> she went to facebook writing, "my 6-year-old self is on the ceiling. time to start singing lessons." >> the live animation will be from dream girls fame and production will begin this year. the adaptation will be a musical and feature the hit song from the 1991 film and include new music, as well. turn to john legend and his wife chrissy teigen have a successful career and have a lot
3:51 am
of fun and love each other a lot. >> social media darlings are sharing that love with all of us. the couple are steaming things up in this photo shoot for "gq" magazine. posing in loving embraces and various poses. we are leave ing some of the shots out because they are too hot for tv. >> teigen had an issue with the jalapeno pepper burning her mouth and soothing the burn with milk. look at this. [ laughter ] i feel so much better actually. >> whoa. >> what a waste of milk. she did recover and reported to be fine after the jalapeno. >> they say when you eat something spicy milk is the best thing. >> yeah, if you drink it. if you drink it. >> but it kind of got on her lips. close enough. >> close enough, yes, this is
3:52 am
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3:55 am
dawn, it's amazing what a drop can do. a live look at the new york city skyline. take a look. it's coming down, but we're not sure as much as they were expecting. >> yeah, this is supposed to be crunch time right now essentially from late last night to the early-morning hours. so we're in the middle of that. look at times square. what are these folks doing? >> they are off tomorrow. can you blame them? >> float around exercise. >> get exercise and come get ready to watch "world news now." >> with that, some of the weather out there, no matter where you are right now in the country you see this weather and may want a bowl of soup. sounds pretty appetizing. but soup has made a comeback but not as a comfort food. actually the opposite. >> dieting soup is what they are talking about. experts say it can kick start a healthy lifestyle. here's abc's abbie boudreau.
3:56 am
>> reporter: we have all heard of juicing, and what celeb hasn't been spotted drinking their fruits and veggies hoping to reboot their bodies. but could souping be the new juicing? >> that was fun. that would wake you up. >> reporter: alina thurman said souping promotes a high-fiber heart healthy option that can keep you full and help you lose weight. >> technically about a pound a day easily. >> reporter: soupelina offers a three or five-day cleansing plan. mailing you five different soups to eat each day totaling 1500 calories. on the menu, lentil me entertain you and don't squash my dream. of course you can diy too. >> you can put nuts in here and veggies and some broth. >> reporter: nutritionist rachel beller says there is no evidence that souping or any so-called cleanse helps to rid the body of
3:57 am
toxins but she says souping can kick start healthy habits. >> you are keeping all the fruits, vegetables and nutrients. >> reporter: another positive the heat. >> some vegetables when you heat them you release some important nutrients like lycopene from tomatoes or carotenoids. >> she said it is typically rich in fiber and low in sugar but watch for sodium. >> soups have a tendency to have a lot of sodium because that's what is going to punch up the flavor. >> reporter: still eliminating solid foods can take getting used to but if you can do without the chew, slurping your supper is definitely not so bad. abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> on a day like today i will stick with the marshmallows and s'mores. it is a s'more day, not a soup day. >> chicken noodle soup day. >> chicken noodle soup. i will give you that.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 4 o'clock on this tuesday january 27th and "action news" is on early to provide you with the latest information on that coastal storm. >> we have live team coverage and the latest from storm tracker 6 live double scan. what you can expect out there this morning. >> and mobile6 is out there showing you what the road conditions are like right now. we are on what looks like a wet schuylkill expressway. >> and philadelphia's public and archdiocesan schools are closed today. a number of suburban districts are also closed or delayed. you'll find all of this running along the bottom of your screen throughout the morning. you can also find the lit at


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